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Aluminum nitride large particle filler powder is produced by self developed aluminum nitride powder.After spraying,granulation and sintering,it is screened and packed. The products are widely used in TIM(thermal interface material).

Specifications AlN-TL30 AlN-TL50 AlN-TL80 AlN-TL100 AlN-TL120
D50/um  35(±5) 50(±5) 80(±5) 100(±5) 120(±5)
Appearance    White   
Spherical >95% >95% >95% >95% >95%
g·cm-3(Apparent density) 1.5~1.6 1.6~1.7 1.65~1.75 1.65~1.75 1.65~1.75
g·cm-3(Tap density) 1.8~1.9 1.85~2.05 1.95~2.1  1.95~2.1 1.95~2.1
0/wt% <2 <2 <2 <2 <2
AIN/wt% >96 >96 >96  >96 >96
Laser particle size analysis conditions
Ultrasound for 3 minutes Circulating pump speed:800rpm Material refractive index:2.11 Refractive index of medium:1.361


Crushing: mechanical equipment is used for crushing,which greatly reduces the agglomeration of powder in microscopic observation,and reduces the sense of particle and roughness in tactility;
Particle size detection:particle size detection shall be carried out for filler powder after crushing and classification,and the particle size is no longer controlled only by sieve mesh The particle distribution of the improved classification is narrower than that before;
Products with different particle sizes can be customized according to customer requirements