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Is it realistic to make silicon nitride ceramics into a cell phone back?

DATE:2023-11-17 13:58:52

1, silicon nitride ceramics have higher impact toughness, are not easy to fracture, are not easy to damage during machining, and have a higher yield.

2, silicon nitride ceramic thermal conductivity is high, more than 10 times that of zirconia ceramic, heat dissipation is easier, therefore, in the mobile phone high-speed operation or battery charging and discharging heat is easy to disperse, conducive to the normal operation of the mobile phone, to avoid slow card and other phenomena.

3, the dielectric loss of silicon nitride ceramics is two orders of magnitude lower than zirconia, more transparent to mobile phone signals, and easier to communicate in weak signal environments.

4, silicon nitride ceramics have higher hardness and strong wear resistance.

5, silicon nitride ceramics belong to colorless ceramics, coloring is relatively easy, and the coloring effect is very good, the same has a texture similar to jade, suitable for high-end mobile phone shell.

Therefore, the use of silicon nitride ceramic material as a communication device mobile phone backplane material, indeed has a certain prospect.