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Boron nitride ceramics

DATE:2021-12-07 21:34:46

Boron nitride belongs to the hexagonal system. Its structure is similar to graphite, and their properties are also similar. Therefore, it is also called “white graphite”. It has good heat resistance, thermal stability, thermal conductivity, high temperature dielectric strength, and is an ideal heat dissipating material and high temperature insulating material. Mohs hardness 2 can be processed into various shaped parts.


1. Operating temperature: 1900 ℃ in vacuum, 2100 ℃ in the case of nitrogen, argon and other inert gases, and 900 ℃ in the case of oxidation resistance.
2. It has extremely strong thermal shock resistance and can be cooled rapidly for 15 minutes at 1000 degrees to room temperature for 100 times without cracking.
3. It has good corrosion resistance, good chemical stability and small thermal expansion coefficient.
4. Excellent electrical performance: excellent insulation at high temperature, which will not significantly decrease with the increase of temperature. The breakdown voltage is 3KV/MV, the low dielectric loss is 2.5 x 10-4 at 108HZ, and the dielectric constant is 4, which can penetrate microwave and infrared ray.
5. With many metals, glass solution does not bond does not react.
6. Production process : Hot pressing.

Main Applications:

1.Electrode insulating sleeve for vacuum sintering furnace and atmosphere furnace.
2.Thermocouple protective sleeve.
3.Insulation fittings for vacuum coating equipment.
4.Insulation fittings for polysilicon ingot foundry.
5.Metal, glass and other molding molds.