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Boron nitride powder

DATE:2021-12-07 21:32:19

Name: Boron Nitride                    Molecular weight:24.18( According to 1979 international
CAS CODE:10043-11-5                 atomic weight)
HS CODE:2850001900                 Quality Standard: Enterprise Standard (Q/YLH001-2006)
Molecular formula: BN


Boron nitride is a crystal composed of nitrogen and boron atoms. The crystal structure is divided into hexagonal boron nitride(HBN), close-packed hexagonal boron nitride(WBN)and cubic boron nitride. The crystal structure of hexagonal boron nitride has a similar graphite layered structure, which presents a white powder of loose, lubricated, moisture absorption, light quantity etc. It is also known as” white graphite”. The theoretical density is 2. 27g/cm³, the proportion is 2.43, and the Mohr hardness is 2.

Hexagonal boron nitride has good electrical insulation, thermal conductivity, chemical stability, noobvious melting point, in 0. 1 MPA nitrogen 3000 ℃, in the neutral reducing atmosphere, the heat resistance can reach 2000℃, in nitrogen and argon, the temperature can reach 2800℃. It has poor stability in the oxygen atmosphere, the use of temperature below 1000℃. The expansion coefficient of hexagonal boron nitride is equivalent to that of quartz, but the thermal conductivity is ten times that of quartz. It also has good lubricity at high temperature. It is a fine high temperature solid lubricant. It has strong neutron absorption capacity, stable chemical properties and chemical inertness to almost all molten metals.

Hexagonal boron nitride is insoluble in cold water, when water boils, it hydrolyzes very slowly and produces a small amount of boric acid and ammonia. It can not react with the weak acid and strong alkali at room temperature, but it is slightly soluble in hot acid. It has good corrosion resistance to various inorganic acid, alkali, salt solution and organic solvent